Friday, February 24, 2017


People can be so annoying and stupid sometimes...  Whether you're related to them or not. They're always holding things you did when you were a kid,  when you didn't know any better, when you were young and stupid against you. As if that was a part of your personality, as if that's who you are.
Newsflash people make mistakes. We do things we don't mean to do. That doesn't make us bad people. No one's perfect, everyone's different. I have no regrets.
Am I sorry it happened? Yes. Do I wish I had taken life more seriously? Yes. If given the opportunity would I go back and change it? Back when I was younger the answer to this question would've been yes, but now it's a little more complicated... I don't regret what I did cause it made me a better person. I learned and I grew and I'm not ashamed. Not when I think about who I use to be...

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