Sunday, June 25, 2017


I'm amazed at how quickly I can calm down and stop being angry at something. I often wonder where I got that from cause no one in my family is like that. Not even my friends are like that. In fact now that I think about it I don't think I know anyone besides myself who's like that. So yeah it's a very interesting personality trait in my opinion.
If only I wasn't so quick to anger... I mean don't get me wrong. I've come a long way from the person I used to be. I'm definitely more calm and much more pacifistic. Despite that I still fly into a rage. True, it's a lot rarer than it used to be and it's probably not as intense. But it still happens.
You know I wasn't going to bring this up cause I firmly believe in putting the past behind you... And what happened is in the past. But now that I think about it me getting so upset at those two people... Well the first person who I called a Bitch, there was really no point. They're always going to be paranoid and unhappy. There's nothing I can do to change that... And even though I was standing up for myself now that I think about it I'm just making myself feel bad saying things I don't normally say. As for the second person who called me a piece of shit who honestly cares what they think? They don't know me and haven't known me for a long time. Anyone who truly knows me knows the real me... And the real me is a kind, loving person. Yeah I make mistakes, but don't we all?
So yeah in conclusion I'm just going to forget about it and ignore the negative people. Cause one day they'll realize what I eventually realized and if they have it in their hearts they'll become better people. Just like I did and just like I'll continue to be... Cause there's always room for improvement.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Venting Post (May contain cursing)

Fuck you!
Someone's yelling, screaming, accusing me of things I didn't do and you have the gall to call me a piece of shit? If anyone's a piece of shit it's you. I'm going to be so happy when you and that stupid bitch die cause then I won't have to deal with your passive aggressive abusive asses. Other people might not see you for what you truly are, but I do and I'll see you both burning in Hell for all the crap you put me through. 
Of course I'll forgive you when this is all said and done, but don't think for one second that I'm sorry for what I said to your face. Cause I'm not and there's way more where that came from. I've been keeping it bottled up inside for years and trust me...  It'll bring me no greater joy to let it all out.