Wednesday, May 3, 2017


The computer is stuck in that stupid windows loop that's going around and at the moment there's no way we can fix it. Who knows if it'll ever get fixed. I've been using my Mom's iPad. 
Dad's mad at me for walking around with it. "That's how you broke your old one!" Ha, the jokes on him. My old one broke cause I put it down on the table and somehow(I don't remember how) it fell off the table. It didn't break right away. The screen cracked... then after awhile it broke. As for my Mom's old one. I didn't break that one. It just stopped working on it's own. Probably cause it was old. 
That's what Dad doesn't understand. Electronics stop working no matter how you treat them. Treating them good will just make them last longer. 
Of course you can't talk to him. 

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